| Musical Artist | Singer-Songwriter, Composer & Music Producer | Trypp Records

Prince Pronto, formally known as Joseph Michael Figueroa is a singer-songwriter, music producer and musical artist. Prince was born on December 7th, 1997 to Fayola Vallie and Andrew Quan Figueroa on the island of Trinidad and Tobago(Lesser Antilles). Prince grew up on the outskirts of a town named Princes Town in South Trinidad. Prince has been cited as a young, brilliant and talented musical artist hailed by the Universal Sound Company as “Creative, Ambitious and an Inspiration to his generation of music creators”. Prince started music at an early age. Growing up in a family comprising of musicians, artists, and sound engineers, it was easy to pick up the skill-sets that he needed to become the musician he is today. By the age of 13, he had written and composed his very first record of which he later used as his musical examination piece while attending Presentation College San Fernando(2009-2016). After graduating with distinctions and various passes he went on to spend two years learning the music industry. His first year began with Soca Squad(ssquad), which he co-founded with Sekon Sta and Mega Mick. The trio created records such as "Fuego", "Squad Up(Lil Tommy Riddim)" and "House Party". 

While continuing to create and share his music with friends and the rest of the music community, Prince founded Trypp Records, an independent Record Label 2017. That year he was the producer behind Osei David’s 2nd place win in the NLCB Junior Soca Monarch(2017). The following year in 2018 he made a milestone achievement of writing and composing a record that was produced by Travis World titled "Soca Kingdom". The record was performed by Machel Montano and Super Blue. The road march winning record became one of the fastest growing Soca records in Caribbean history in addition to being a historic collaboration, Prince earned the title of "youngest songwriter/composer to win the astute title of Road March". Prince moved out to Sint Maarten a few months later to further his career. Prince co-founded Classy Gangsters with Olivia Murray(Musical Artist and CEO of LPA Records) and Barkley(Musical Artist and Songwriter/Composer). Prince and his colleagues are now diligently working to take Caribbean influence music to another level for the Greater Antilles and the wider Caribbean.


During 2016 to present Prince has collaborated with many young and experienced artists, writers, engineers, and producers on his home islands; these include Travis World, Salty, Sheppard Pro, Erphaan Alves, Sekon Sta, Nuphorics, Nu Generation, Mega Mick, Mical Teja, Flipo, Michael Montano, Studio Musica and team, Precision Productions and many more. Prince even worked on small-scale projects with various producers and underground artists from other Caribbean Islands and even outside of the Caribbean region which includes UK and Canada.